Polymer-Technik Elbe GmbH is a medium-sized company with a long tradition in the rubber industry having its headquarters in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Wuxi Polymer Technology Elbe Co., Ltd. in China and PTE Compounding de México S.A. de C.V., enable us to offer our international customers an optimal service and short delivery routes. As subsidiaries of PTE, both sites have access to a “collective” know-how and thus offer internationally comparable quality standard.

A further business unit of the PTE Group is the development and production of silicone compounds. These tasks are bundled in the subsidiary company Silcomp Silikoncompounding GmbH, to which also Silcomp France S.A.S. belongs.

With MaTech Maschinen und Technik GmbH, which is in close proximity, PTE has the possibility to meet the requirements for maintenance of the machines and systems at any time. This enables us to react quickly and efficiently in the event of technical faults and to avoid downtime.



Discover the innovative material silicone for your product.

Within the PTE Group, SILCOMP is a specialised unit for the development and production of silicone and fluorosilicone compounds and is one of Europe’s leading suppliers in this area.

With a selection of around 1.000 series formulations, SILCOMP offers its customers tailor-made solutions. EFROSIL and EFROFLUOR, hot vulcanisable silicone and fluorosilicone compounds, offer excellent material properties for many technical applications, including the food and medical industry. These sensitive areas are subject to strict requirements and regulations that SILCOMP meets.
Due to their superior properties in terms of temperature resistance, silicone elastomers are used wherever many organic elastomers already fail. The excellent weather resistance, excellent dielectric properties and physiological safety also speak for themselves.

employees: 17
mixing capacity: 2,000 tons
technical equipment: 3 roller mills, 1 mixer, 3 extruders
batch weights: flexible between 1 and 120 kg
certificates: IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 50001

The willingness to continuously improve, the quest for process optimization and the desire for efficient product solutions enable customers to achieve their individual goals.



More than 40 years of know-how for silicone compounds.

In February 2005, SILCOMP GmbH took over the silicone division of Safic Alcan and founded the subsidiary SILCOMP France S.A.S.
The Annonay production site in the south of Lyon was constructed completely new in 2015 and meets the latest standards. SILCOMP France specialises in the development and production of ready-to-use compounds, which are used in a wide range of fields, but above all for technologies with the highest demands, such as automotive, cable, aviation and railway applications. All recipes are customized and a unique nomenclature ensures the respective specifications and customer requirements.

employees: 17
mixing capacity: 2,500 tons
technical equipment: 4 rolling mills, 2 mixers, 3 extruders
batch weights: variable between 10 and 1,000 kg
certificates: ISO 9001

The high quality requirements of the PTE Group are also guaranteed at SILCOMP by automated and computer-monitored processes.